The 5 coolest ways for guys to make money

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5 coolest ways for guys to earn money. Pic by (401K) 2012

Money is great. As men, it's important to earn money; and lots of it. Otherwise we run the risk of being one of those scrubs that can't get no love, from the girls of TLC.

Regardless of whether you are at risk of being a scrub or not, all guys have an innate sense of whether or not something is cool.

For example, which is a cooler job - dentist or firefighter?

The answer is firefighter.

But why? After all, dental hygiene is extremely important.

The answer to that question, is women.

Women determine what guys innately believe is cool or not. When we think about a job we consider cool, what we're actually doing is picturing ourselves chatting up a girl at a bar.

Fun games to play at your desk - Hamster fishing

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Hamster fishing is a cool new game to play at your desk. Pic by Maarten Dirkse

Finding awesomely fun games to play while sitting at a desk is something we take very seriously.

In fact, desk based office games by guys for guys is one of the founding principles of Guys-Night-Out. That, and I was bored this afternoon.

To set the scene: In the really old days, we spent our time hunting dangerous animals for dinner, to bring back for the family. Such were the hardships of this dangerous work that, often, we would have to spend most of our time sitting under a shady tree, with our pals, drinking something fermented.

Those days are gone now. Instead, we find ourselves confined to desks. Shackled to office jobs that we need in order to bring home dangerous animals (in burger format) for the family.

5 things every guy needs to know about dating younger women

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What every guy needs to know about dating younger women. Pic by patriziasoliani

An attorney would agree that there is prima facie evidence that suggests dating younger women is as awesome as everyone believes.

The fact that an attorney would agree to this is because he is most likely representing you in the transition of half your belongings to the aforementioned awesome younger babe.

On an unrelated issue, I recommend using a male attorney for separation proceedings as females tend to take a dim view of your reasons for entering into a partnership with a nubile young woman in the first place. (Hint: talk about 'racks' should be kept to a minimum)

5 bling accessories every executive should own

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Executive bling accesories are an important part of business.Pic by NYCAthur

Bling is an important component of the corporate America. In the cut-throat world of business, good bling can mean the difference between success and failure.

Patrons of business bling sport everything from solid platinum cufflinks and designer chihuahuas to Gulfstreams, and those pants worn by MC Hammer.

As a successful executive or businessman, your bling says a lot about who you are, and which gang you belong to. But choosing the right bling is not always easy.

Take your gold grill (with diamond studding) into the wrong job interview, and you can kiss your dreams of that summer internship goodbye.

3 unusual sports you can be world champion in

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Unsual sports you can be world champion in. Pic by kybermail

Guys have an innate drive to be champions - the killer instinct. Many of us feel that we should be the world champion of something.

If you feel that life has unjustly deprived you of your rightful title as a world champion something or other, don't despair.

While many well known sports like soccer, hockey, rugby and cricket have enough guys playing them already, the trick to becoming a world champion is to find those sports that aren't "popular", or "mainstream".

Hand clapping games are rich picking grounds.

5 gadgets women secretly want men to own

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There are 5 electronic gadgets women secretly want men to own.Pic by Dave Q

Traditionally women have taken a disapproving stance on our love of new gadgets, and all things electronic.

Coming home with the latest games console, complete with post apocalyptic zombie massacre shoot 'em up games, is unlikely to illicit the same response as, say, a box of chocolates and a bunch of roses.

This unreasonable prejudice against electronic devices may come as a surprise to you - especially if you don't have a girlfriend. Many lovers' quarrels have started over something as innocent as having the guys around all weekend for an all-out World of Warcraft smack-down.

In fact, some scholars might go so far as to suggest there is an inverse correlation between the number of gadgets a guy owns, and the number of females he knows.

5 amazing animals you wouldn't believe are faster than Usain Bolt

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5 weirdest animals that are faster than Usain Bolt. Pic by Jose Goulao

If you or I lived in the wild, what type of animals would be able to catch and eat us? This is something that I often worry about, from my ninth floor city apartment.

So much so that I decided to answer this question by finding someone with comparable speed to my own (assuming that I was adrenaline fueled from being chased by something intent on making me dinner) - his perambulatory highness, the magnificent Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world. He's the fastest man in history. But how would he stack up, in the wild, in an all out sprint race against, say, a warthog?